Can You Find True Love Using The Law Of Attraction?

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Many people claim that it is not only possible to find true love by using the Law of Attraction but that they have done this successfully? Maybe it makes sense to you that if you can manifest money or success that love is a logical use of the Law of Attraction. After all, we all want to be loved and each of us desires that special relationship that will last a lifetime. The thought of finding that one special person that is compatible that we can share everything with is very attractive so why not try manifesting that person into our lives?

Like many things in life though, after the intial excitement wears off we are left with some questions. We wonder if it could really be that simple. Can we really manifest that perfect person into our life? How will they come into our life or is it someone that we already know? If we do find that special someone, is the Law of Attraction going to help us to make them fall in love with us or will we crash and burn the way that we have in the past? These are the thoughts and doubts that crossed through my mind when I first thought of using the Law of Attraction to bring a true love into my life.

You might find that you go back and forth for a while when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to find true love. You might look back on your own love life and doubt that the Law of Attraction can make much of a difference when it comes to romance. But then again, you might come to the same conclusion that I did in that I had such miserable luck in the past that maybe the Law of Attraction was my last chance at finding the person that I could really love who would love me back. Maybe all my efforts from the past were in vain and I should have turned this desire for a loving relationship over to the universe a long time ago.

After much logical thought I came to the conclusion that if it was possible to manifest absolutely anything into my life then using the Law of Attraction to find love should be a cinch! All I had to do was follow the same guidelines that I would follow if I was hoping to bring a hundred dollars, a new lawnmower or a new friend into my life. While I felt that asking for that one special person to come into my life who would love me in a way that no other had seemed capable, I knew that using the Law of Attraction to find love was not out of the realm of possibility. So, I began to dream and use what I had learned about manifesting with this goal in mind.

For me, I did feel a little bit weird about trying to manfest true love at first. It was almost as if I was marching into some sort of taboo territory or messing with nature of the natural way that most of us were taught to believe that love was supposed to come into our lives. But is using the Law of Attraction to find love wrong or in some way unethical? Was I attempting to pervert that purity of a loving relationship or forcing my will upon that which is almost sacred to many of us?

Sure, there were other people that seemed to have no problem with relationships or finding a compatible mate but maybe they were using the Law of Attraction in a more subconscious manner. Maybe they were so naturally focused on finding someone to fall in love with that they never really thought about it in the forefront of their mind. Perhaps I had so much negative baggage that I was carrying around that I needed to really sit down, convince myself that I was worthy of having a truly loving relationship and focus on all the aspects of what that perfect person would be like. I would be doing consciously that which others did without even really thinking about.

Upon further thought and contemplation I came to the conclusion that it is probably impossible to somehow leverage a natural law to bring about a natural outcome in an unnatural way. If my motives were right and pure and my head and my heart were in the right place I would bring the person that I desired into my life. The Law of Attraction would see through any desires that I might try to bury but if it really was true love with someone that was kind and devoted and honest and caring then that would be the type of person that would be drawn to me.

It all depends upon me or you when it comes to what we truly want our life to be like and it begins with a thought. If you really want to find true love then toss aside the ties that are holding you back and understand that if you can manifest money or success in life then success in love should only come naturally. Have fun with this and be as specific as you possibly can. Write the script for your life and know what you’re looking for before that special someone arrives in front of you and know that you do deserve to love and be loved and that using the Law of Attraction deserves a place in your life if it is true love that you value. Don’t be bashful and don’t be shy about what your needs are and you might be surprised by how quickly that person arrives in your life and how perfect they really are for you!

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