Helga from Belgium

Hello everyone, I am Leia (middle name). I am a 40 year old Belgian living together with 1 Romeo and 4 minions. I am a geek, a wordsmith, an avid reader, a cookbook addict and a tea drinker. I love all kinds of things but most of all I love having fun in life. I am a very social and caring person and have a hard time dealing with how selfish the world has become. So I try to spread joy in letters. I am looking for new pals, preferably non-US.

P.S.: I have had some postal issues last year in which a lot of mail was stolen, but that is sorted out now. Phew! If we ever messaged each other that I d write and you never heard of me, it’s because of the mailman… sigh. Please get in touch again.

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