How Heartbreak Can Actually Heal You

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What if heartbreak was your best healer?

What if you really took some time to leap into that question? What if, rather than heartbreak being the thing that annihilated you, it really helped create you?

These are tough questions to ask yourself. But, they’re stunningly rewarding. Many have had their hearts damaged in some way and honestly there is not any worse feeling that you can go through. You are feeling totally horrible for what seems to be a lifetime and the feelings of loss never seem to go away. As long as we keep playing on the great field of life, we will suffer the inevitable fact that our hearts will break now and then.

But what if, when heartbreak occurs, we allow it to show us where we really need to do deep interpersonal work? How will we take the agony of loss and be able to create something gorgeous with it?

I’m not saying that we should try and ascend above our pain, but rather as an alternative attempt to take our own discomfort and birth something positive and pretty out of it. It’s a challenge not for the faint of heart, and yet at the same time one that could make an amazing difference when we are confronted with deep adversity.

So the next time your heart breaks, see if you can take all of that agony within and make it into something else. Try writing, painting, speaking, or anything else that feels right to you. Express what’s inside you instead of letting it eat you day to day. There’s something beautiful about going through a time of great change and pain. Yes, it really does hurt, but maybe it is about your heart breaking open instead of breaking to pieces?

Just try it. You never know what may happen.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Going through a rough patch or just had your heart broken? Yeah, that can be pretty darn tough. I put together some heartbreak quotes to help you out in this situation.

Real Honest Love Never Dies

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Probably the best test of the love you will ever have with your lover exists when time and space between you becomes a factor.

But with true love, distance essentially makes you stronger.

It is certainly true in several circumstances that time aside from your lover makes you look at the past through rose colored glasses. You really begin to actually miss the times you spent with another, the things they said to you, and most significantly, the way in which they made you feel about yourself. Those feelings are amazingly strong and when put up against the test by distance, can actually become stronger than anything. There’s something miraculous about what real love creates. Even if you’ve gone through a split, it’s fascinating how time apart essentially brings people back together because they begin to appreciate what once was. In this case, you have got to have the forbearance to mend your heart while things are not really at their best and have real faith that the correct things will happen to you in moments to come.

With deep real love for another, excuses don’t cut it. Fidelity and commitment only actually count.

When in a long distance relationship, distance will create room for temptations, agitation, worry, and plenty of other challenges. These are tests of your love and your strength. Honestly, these tests actually make you mindful of how deep your love actually is for another person. If you can get through these tests and not fall apart into the shallow enticements of life, you have got something actually special. When you can prove that love for another for yourself, you also show to your partner you can be trusted and will most likely get through these same shallow temptations in the future.

Long distance relationships are challenging, but in the end, if you actually love someone you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Is your love up for the challenge?

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Here are some great long distance quotes to help you get through the lonely times of your relationship. Stay strong.

Those Honest Moments In Broken Relationships

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There are these moments during particular days where I must be incredibly honest with myself about what I happen to be going through and feeling. I know when it is preparing to happen because I get this wave of power from the top of my neck down to my back and I feel my mood morphing and beginning to change. I was once afraid of it…the feeling of water almost dripping down my back. But in time I have been taught how to sit with it.

What follows after is pure stillness. Deep in thought. Numb. I feel truth bubbling to the surface.

Frequently we go through life not fully grasping that there are things under the surface. We believe that we have totally recovered or have moved on, but in reality there are still pieces to the puzzle that must be put together. Maybe it is just one piece left, just maybe it is simply this moment where you have to sit down and get quiet for the last time, or maybe it demands more of your attention.

There’s an engaging balance between moving forward and taking the time, whatever the situation speaks for, and starting to grasp what is going on inside. I believe almost all of the time when a person is hurt and people recognise it they try and tell that person to really pick themselves up as fast as is humanly possible and forget the past. This guidance, while intended to be useful, isn’t really realistic – because the same person who gave that advice, in the same situation, couldn't possibly take it.

The most sensible advice you can truly give is to truly not to forget as fast as you can and blast forward, but to sit with whatever is going on within. To let it all flow through you. The sole way you can truly understand what something really means to you, especially in a relationship, is by experiencing the result.

Have a very honest moment.

Don’t run or hide from feelings that you would associate as negative. They’re life’s way of balancing you out. When you try to block them or manipulate them, you are putting yourself in a horrible place. Let life do what it has to do to keep you learning and growing.

When the moment is over, then move forward. Don't attempt to change it while you are in it. Something is trying to chat with you. Open yourself to emotions and feelings and let them talk reason into your heart.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need some more content to move forward with your life and recover from a relationship? Try these ex boyfriend quotes out.

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